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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

May 23, 2023

Welcome to this solosode that wraps up the current season and its theme of Leading Culture. I’m moving past the term meta-modern leadership (because, how helpful is that really?) and instead considering leadership in terms of how can we be more compassionate? How can we be more inclusive in our leadership thinking? And how can we navigate diversity, complexity, and ambiguity better? Thinking strategically, as a team, as an organisation, is one way to make sure we move forward in the right direction but this is a huge challenge for leaders. The response to my recent Fit For The Future event was a clear indication that this is a major struggle for many. So, I share my insights into common blockers to thinking strategically and offer some practical things to help you and your team move past them. Plus, book reviews, guest previews, a Coronation and colonisation conversation, and more - to remind us of the rich tapestry of this life that we get to live! 



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Key Moments 

*Updates on Personal and Professional Life [00:01:23]*

Including writing and upcoming speaking engagements.


*Fit for the Future Workshop [00:07:10]*

Zoë discusses the success of her recent workshop, Fit for the Future, and why strategic thinking is becoming increasingly important in the face of uncertainty.


*Stretching Your Thinking to Lead the Future [00:09:03]*

Diving into the challenges of strategic thinking and the importance of exploring, mapping, and adapting to lead the future.


*Mapping Problems and Possibilities [00:11:46]*

Zoë emphasises the importance of mapping out problems and possibilities to adapt and collaborate effectively, including mapping team dynamics and skills.


*Uncomfortable Conversations: Colonisation and Healing [00:16:31]*

Delving into the uncomfortable topic of colonisation and healing, discussing diverse perspectives on the recent Coronation and the importance of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.


*Hopeful Threads [00:23:14]*

Two threads of hope in the coronation and the importance of acknowledging our shadow to heal and lead forward.


*Weaving Perspectives [00:27:26]*

Zoë discusses the importance of bringing more voices and perspectives to the table to create a better future.


*Exploring Uncomfortable Perspectives [00:28:19]*

Seeking out perspectives that make us uncomfortable instead of disparaging them.


*Upcoming Guests [00:29:17]*

A preview of upcoming guests for the podcast, including Rohit Barga, Iman Kabuki, and Kamish Ladi, who will discuss leading change and digital transformation.