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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

May 16, 2023

Reading is a passport to the world! And nobody is more well-travelled when it comes to books than Dr Danny Brassell - former teacher, founder of The Reading Habit , a global reading engagement platform, and author of 16 business and education titles. Danny believes in the power of books for not just learning and development but also for connection and inspiration. He has strategies and insights for everything from getting kids excited about reading to helping leaders prioritise reading and using books to supercharge presentations and leadership perspectives. Being a book lover does not preclude embracing technology - Danny shares ways to use technology to help build reading habits and track progress. We can read for entertainment, education, empathy, empowerment… in the words of Danny: read, lead, succeed! 


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Key Moments 

Getting kids excited about reading [00:04:47]

Strategies for getting kids excited about reading based on their interests.

Embracing Technology [00:07:48]

The importance of embracing technology and how it can be used to our advantage, including listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Importance of Reading Aloud [00:11:36]

How reading aloud to children can help them become readers.

Using Technology for Learning [00:13:47]

Dr. Danny shares how he uses his phone to set reminders for learning and how technology can be used to introduce kindness in the world.

Reading for Inspiration [00:17:18]

And an inspiring story to get you started. 

Different Reading Plans [00:20:30]

Zoë Routh and Dr. Danny Brassell discuss their different reading plans, including reading for fun, business, and personal development. They also recommend books to each other.

Importance of Reading for Leaders [00:22:37]

Reading about effective leaders can be beneficial for anyone in a leadership position - and reading science fiction can expand vocabulary and make people smarter.

Reading with Kids [00:23:42]

Danny shares his strategy for reading with his three kids, including different books for each child and reading together as a great date.

Reading Habits [00:26:33]

Danny talks about his reading habits, including reading 10 books at the same time and reading about 5000 books a year due to his website,

The Art of Writing and Reading [00:28:43]

On reading for writers, how good writers influence their readers, and how reading can help people become better writers.

Passport to the World [00:31:07]

How reading takes you to different places.

Practical Tips for Reading [00:36:49]

Including building it into existing habits and using audiobooks during commutes.

Learning from Books [00:35:57]

Insights from books about successful people like Warren Buffet and Elon Musk, and how reading can help you understand different ways of thinking and develop empathy.

The Power of Stories [00:38:49]

Using stories in crafting powerful presentations and personal development.

Finding Inspiration Everywhere [00:40:32]

Danny shares his love for finding inspiration in personal development books, sports, and the Olympics.

The importance of listening [00:46:10]

How to connect through stories

Key takeaways for reading [00:47:29]

Zoë shares four key takeaways for developing a reading habit, including determining why you want to read, using the ‘when then’ habit, tracking your reading, and sharing your insights.

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