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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

Jul 29, 2020

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How much experience do you need in order to drop the impostor syndrome? CEO of Menslink Martin Fisk shares his three decades of leadership and answers the question this way, “do the best you can with what you’ve got’. I loved this interview! Martin has a unique perspective born of humility and deep conviction in his work. Enjoy the fabulous insights from culture to success to mental health.

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Why you should listen:

  • Learn the secret to surviving tough decisions: be more forgiving
  • How to redefine success so that is not just about external markers
  • Discover what successful people do that others don’t: do things they don’t want to do

We explore:

  • How to amplify culture through the little things every day
  • The power of ‘and’ to build leadership and culture
  • Martin’s new lifetime habits discovered through Covid19: meditation and walking meetings



Books Mentioned:

Lots of books by Richard Rohr
Thomas Joiner’s Lonely at the Top - The High Cost of Men’s Success
Lots of books by Evelyn Waugh
Jane Austen
Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning

About Martin:

Martin is the Chief Executive of Menslink and joined in March 2011 after a twenty-five year career in both the private and public sectors, including nearly ten years running his own business. Since joining Menslink, he has significantly expanded the reach of Menslink’s support programs, with nearly ten times the number of young men accessing their free counselling, mentoring and group programs than at the beginning of the decade.

An active campaigner for young men, Martin speaks to schools, businesses and community groups across the region about issues facing young men, their families and communities, including family violence, gender issues, youth mental health, drugs and suicide – still the leading cause of death in men under 40.

Martin is currently the Vice President of the ACT Council of Social Services (ACTCOSS) and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD). He serves on the ACT Government’s Gambling and Racing Commission’s Advisory Committee.


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About your podcast host, Zoë Routh:

Zoë Routh is one of Australia’s leading experts on people stuff - the stuff that gets in our way of producing results, and the stuff that lights us up. She works with the growers, makers, builders to make people stuff fun and practical.

Zoë is the author of four books: Composure - How centered leaders make the biggest impact,  Moments - Leadership when it matters most, Loyalty - Stop unwanted stuff turnover, boost engagement, and build lifelong advocates, and People Stuff - Beyond Personalities: An advanced handbook for leadership. People Stuff was awarded Book of the Year 2020 by the Smart WFM Australian Business Book Awards.

Zoë is also the producer of The Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast.