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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

Oct 4, 2019

He helps smart people be people smart. As the co-author of Forever Skills along with Kieran Flanagan, Dan Gregory is a leading thinker on what leaders can do to move people to sensible action.

We explore how the real test of leadership is what we do when things go wrong, how the gaps in skills we need as leaders vary from industry to industry and culture to culture, how corporate Aussies are strong in risk-taking, why making values-based decisions is important for long-term vision, why we need to use a value lens to avoid short-term reactive decisions, how to consume 200-300 books per year, how to challenge your own perspective with Socratic questioning, why thinking in questions is the best strategy to avoid the traps of default thinking, what Dan’s shadow flaw is.

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The Intelligence Trap

Bill Bernbach

Jonathan Haidt

About Dan Gregory 

Dan Gregory is a speaker, author and social commentator. A thought leader in the field of human behaviour and influence, leadership and engagement and insights that incite, he helps leaders, teams and individuals explore what makes their customers buy and their team members buy in.

Dan has created leadership strategies for global technology firms, designed performance strategies for sales teams and C-Suite executives and driven engagement strategies for organisations as diverse as Coca-Cola, Newscorp., the Royal Australian Navy and the UN in Asia. 

In short, he helps smart people be people smart.

Kieran Flanagan and Dan Gregory are the co-founders of The Impossible Institute — a strategic think tank founded to re-imagine the way we think, lead, navigate change and create success. Kieran works with leaders, teams and organisations to make positive change and make change positive while Dan helps smart people to become "people smart".

They are the strategic and creative team behind the most successful new product launch in Australian history, have helped entrepreneurs build internationally successful businesses and worked with some of the world’s most influential organisations: developing communication and marketing strategies for Coca-Cola; driving innovation and product design for Unilever; delivering leadership development for the Australian Navy and banks based in Asia; building teamwork in global tech giants and C-suite executives in the United States, as well as facilitating social-change strategies for the United Nations in Singapore and NGOs in Australia. 

Voted in the ‘top 25 C-Suite Speakers to watch’ by Meetings & Conventions USA, they combine business acumen with a rapier wit and rare human insight gained while working on the US and UK stand-up comedy circuits — skills put to great use in front of millions of viewers on ABC TV’s Gruen franchise and Channel 7’s Masters of Spin and as regular contributors to Success and The CEO Magazine in the United States.


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About your host,  Zoë Routh

Zoë Routh is one of Australia’s leading experts on people stuff - the stuff that gets in our way of producing results, and the stuff that lights us up. She works with the growers, makers, builders to make people stuff fun and practical.

Zoë is the author of four books: Composure - How centered leaders make the biggest impact,  Moments - Leadership when it matters most, Loyalty - Stop unwanted stuff turnover, boost engagement, and build lifelong advocates, and People Stuff - Beyond Personalities: An advanced handbook for leadership. People Stuff was awarded Book of the Year 2020 by the Smart WFM Australian Business Book Awards.

Zoë is also the producer of The Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast.