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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

Jul 31, 2020

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Some experiences are pretty awful. We can’t wish them away. We can’t pivot from them. We can’t reframe them. We can, however, learn something from them, make use of them, and grow stronger as a result. Strategic planning, and the core of what we leaders need to do in current times of tension.

  • Positive thinking can be good. It’s just not everything.
  • Useful beliefs can help.
  • Using the experience as fodder for growth, after doing a thorough assessment, is key.




Norman Vincent Peale wrote the classic, The Power of Positive Thinking.

Chris Helder wrote Useful Belief challenged the idea of positive thinking saying it did not fully acknowledge that bad things do happen. He says that you can use belief - which is merely a made up story - to help you take action to get out of the crappy situation. Watch his explanation here.


Zoë Routh is one of Australia’s leading experts on people stuff - the stuff that gets in our way of producing results, and the stuff that lights us up. She works with the growers, makers, builders to make people stuff fun and practical.

Zoë is the author of four books: Composure - How centered leaders make the biggest impact,  Moments - Leadership when it matters most, Loyalty - Stop unwanted stuff turnover, boost engagement, and build lifelong advocates, and People Stuff - Beyond Personalities: An advanced handbook for leadership. People Stuff was awarded Book of the Year 2020 by the Smart WFM Australian Business Book Awards.

Zoë is also the producer of The Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast.