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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

Ease leadership growing pains by learning to trust your teams

Sean McAuliffe loves fast cars and is driven to succeed but his leadership philosophies have evolved from a realisation that sometimes you have to take a back seat. An entrepreneur with a talent for understanding what the market needs, Sean built...

Feb 20, 2022

Leadership influence and language are intrinsically linked

Businesses spend time, money and attention on visual identity but what about verbal identity? It’s a missing link in leadership frameworks.Language matters. From the disruptive to the dreary, language frames the experience for those both inside and outside...

Feb 13, 2022

A leadership mindset where spirituality meets practicality

As a corporate executive in a cut-throat environment managing big teams and even bigger budgets, Amy Lynn Durham knew something had to change. With tiny adjustments and brave experimentation she took her team on a journey to build connection through emotional...

Feb 8, 2022

High performing teams are a myth

Who doesn’t like being part of a high performing team? They’re fun and motivating. You get stuff done. You enjoy each other’s company. But are they realistic? It turns out high performing teams are a myth. It’s more of an ideal to strive for than a reality to experience. No...