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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

Nov 6, 2023

I’ve known my guest, Bernard Desmidt, for several years and it has been wonderful to see his success and impact in the world of work. A corporate coach, facilitator and author obsessed with the importance of team dynamics and the factors that contribute to high-performing teams, Bernard emphasises the significance of moods, language, and the body in team dynamics and introduces the concept of the five disciplines of flourishing teams. He is fascinated by the paradox of teams - where great things can be achieved but where we’re also stuck in the day-to-day tactical work. Many teams are just ‘fine’, but Bernard wants to make them flourish and that means less leadership focus on results and more on relationships.


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Key Moments 

Planet human - Co-working spaces are struggling as the future of work is still unclear. Creative ideas are needed for the real estate left empty.

Planet Zoë - I’m off to Canada for a big family celebration as my dad turns 80 and my brother marks his half-century.

The importance of moods in team dynamics (00:11:57) Explains how moods influence our actions and behaviors, and how different moods affect our space of possibilities.

The role of moods in securing cooperation and commitment (00:13:17) Discusses how moods act as signposts, indicating the need for cooperation and commitment, and how frustration and anger are related to feeling unheard or taken advantage of.

The significance of collaboration in teams (00:20:50) Differentiates between cooperation and collaboration, highlighting that collaboration, which involves aligning on goals and problem-solving together, is necessary before cooperation can occur. Also discusses the distinction between cohesive teams and collaborative teams.

The discipline of discovery (00:27:42) Teams discuss the mandate they have been commissioned with by stakeholders and what stakeholders value and find difficult about them.

The discipline to declare (00:29:01) Teams declare their purpose and the cause they serve that is greater than themselves.

The discipline of design (00:30:22) Teams design their culture and ways of working, focusing on effective working relationships, trust, and respect.

Teams rise and fall on the quality of their working relationships (00:38:09) Bernard Desmet discusses the importance of team dynamics and how relationships impact team performance.