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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

Nov 8, 2019

Co-Founder of Love and Magic Company, Oshoke Pamela Abalu is a leading light for grace and privilege in work. She advocates for a change of language to focus on SYMPHONY, and not diversity. This interview was incredibly moving. Oshoke speaks to our higher nature, calls us all forward to our true human nature where we see, honour, and include each other. This was a TRANSFORMATIONAL interview for me personally, and I’m honoured to share it with you.

Why you should listen:

  • Be inspired by the grace and wisdom from a leader who embodies love in all of who she is and what she does
  • Learn simple steps to take to ensure you business success with a symphony approach
  • Learn key distinctions for diversity, belonging, and the role we can play in making bigger contributions

We explore:

  • Why we need to change our focus from ‘what job do you have and what role do you play” to “who do you help” and “what problems do you solve”?
  • How grace allows to see the honour and privilege of sharing our superpowers in service to humanity through work.
  • Why inclusion is no longer a charitable act but a necessary action for the future of your business
  • How ‘them’ is you - and the broader your scale of inclusion, the more powerful your influence and impact
  • We don’t make room in the portrait for that ‘other’, we notice that the portrait is incomplete without them

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About Oshoke Pamela Abalu  

Oshoke Pamela Abalu is the co-founder of Love & Magic Company, a tech-forward consultancy powered by Love, Magic & Artificial Intelligence. Their mantra? The Kahlil Gibran verse, "Work is love made visible."

A dynamic speaker and thought leader, Abalu pioneers human-centered design solutions that infuse consciousness, energy flow, and inclusivity into global workplace transformations. A Crain’s 40 Under 40 honoree, she is reimagining the future of work through ecosystem innovations like “Inclusion & Symphony” and “Smiles Per Square Foot", where people and technology work side by side to improve lived experiences and amplify human potential.

Licensed at the age of 26, as the 179th living licensed black female architect in the U.S., she has since led the transformation of over $1B of workplaces for thousands of individuals in 65 countries. Abalu and her work have been featured in TIME, Smart Planet, Real Simple Magazine, Domino Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, The Network Journal, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Fast Company, and more.

Her website is


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About your host,  Zoë Routh:

Zoë Routh is one of Australia’s leading experts on people stuff - the stuff that gets in our way of producing results, and the stuff that lights us up. She works with the growers, makers, builders to make people stuff fun and practical.

Zoë is the author of four books: Composure - How centered leaders make the biggest impact,  Moments - Leadership when it matters most, Loyalty - Stop unwanted stuff turnover, boost engagement, and build lifelong advocates, and People Stuff - Beyond Personalities: An advanced handbook for leadership. People Stuff was awarded Book of the Year 2020 by the Smart WFM Australian Business Book Awards.

Zoë is also the producer of The Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast.