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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

May 30, 2023

Rohit Bhargava, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and founder of the Non-Obvious Company, has, with fellow trendwatcher Henry Coutinho-Mason, put a new book out into the world that aims to provide the opposite of outlandish predictions. The Future Normal instead focuses on trends related to human needs and inclusivity.

Rohit brings a pragmatic approach to the future of leadership. He highlights the importance of leaders experiencing things first hand to help with understanding the strengths and limitations of AI and to focus on the human needs that cannot be replaced by technology. He also talks about the need for leaders to consider the ethics and inclusivity of the products and technologies they create and shares habits that leaders can adopt to be nimble, agile, ethical, and inclusive.


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Key Moments 

Human needs and inclusivity [00:08:04]

Discussion of trends related to human needs and how successful innovations will become future normal.


Virtual Companionship and Intergenerational Living [00:09:07-00:13:20]

Exploring the concept of virtual companionship and intergenerational living as solutions to loneliness, and the impact of technology on human needs.


Multiverse Identity [00:15:37-00:16:25]

Explores the need for individuals to make decisions on how much of themselves they share online.


Guardrails around Artificial Intelligence [00:17:28]

Do we need guardrails around artificial intelligence and potential impacts of AI?


Impact of AI on Jobs [00:17:45]

Rohit Bhargava discusses how AI can replace certain aspects of some jobs.


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The Fear of AI Replacing Experts [00:22:30]

Zoë and Rohit discuss the fear of AI replacing experts, and the importance of human needs and creativity in these professions.

AI Hallucination and the Importance of Human Creativity [00:24:28]

Rohit explains the concept of AI hallucination and the limitations of generative AI.

The dangers of AI-generated content [00:25:15]

Discussion on the challenges of using AI-generated content and the importance of education to understand how to use the tools.

Innovations for waste-free products [00:27:01]

From biodegradable glitter to trainers, the role of storytelling in promoting sustainable products.


Shift in Definition of Knowledge [00:32:58]

Leaders need to try things for themselves, not just read about them, to truly understand them. 


Using AI as a Collaborator [00:36:43]

AI can be used as a collaborative tool, not just a replacement for human work. 


Inclusivity and Ethics in Leadership [00:38:10]

Leaders need to prioritise inclusivity and ethics in the products and technologies they create. 


The Danger of Political Correctness [00:40:49]

Rohit Bhargava discusses the danger of political correctness and the potential for inauthentic writing when trying to please everyone.


Leadership Needs to Change [00:44:46]

Certain types of leadership must change, specifically those led by narcissistic power mongers.


Listening to Young People [00:48:06]

On listening to young people and creating alumni networks to retain institutional knowledge.


The Future Normal [00:49:28]

Rohit Bhargava discusses his book The Future Normal and where to find more of his work.


Ending Loneliness [00:50:28]

Zoë discusses the chapter "Ending Loneliness" from The Future Normal and the three leadership questions it poses.