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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

May 9, 2023

Are you curious - worried even - about the future of technology and its implications for leadership? Brett King, author of The Rise of Techno-Socialism and host of The Futurists podcast, has some insights for you about, among other things, the impact of AI on the labour market, and the potential of cryptocurrency. A true global citizen, Brett has lived and worked in Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, and the United States and travels the world talking about the future of technology and humanity. In this episode, he proposes the idea of "optimal humanity," where humans have a collective mission to compete for the future of humanity and accelerate advances in technology and exploration. Ultimately optimistic about the future, Brett believes that with the right leadership mindset and an adaptable approach, we can create better outcomes for all and take advantage of all the opportunities the future holds.


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Key moments

Rise of Techno-Socialism [00:02:57]

Discussion of Brett King's book and the concept of techno-socialism as a potential economic model.


Existential Threats and Value System Change [00:08:09]

Discussion of how climate change, pandemics, and inequality may force a change in societal values and economic models, and the potential for this change to occur over time.


Capitalism and the need for a philosophical shift [00:09:13]

The need for a philosophical shift away from capitalism due to its negative impact on climate change and inequality.


The shift from individual to collective focus [00:10:38]

Particularly in response to climate change and the displacement of eco-refugees.


The challenges of embracing a collective focus [00:14:21]

Abandoning the idea of the self-made individual and the pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps ethos, and the need to rethink wealth distribution in the face of increasing automation.


Optimal Humanity [00:19:24]

Humans have a collective mission to compete for the future of humanity instead of competing against each other.


Join the Amplifiers Academy [00:21:02]

Your gateway to better leadership:


Money for the Future World [00:23:07]

How money could be designed for the future world, with core utility, carbon neutrality, and sustainability in mind.


Giving up Freedoms [00:26:39]

The trade-offs of giving up one set of freedoms in return for another set of freedoms, such as the loss of anonymity in exchange for the benefits of a supercomputer in our pockets.


Adaptability and Institutional Stress [00:29:32]

We need adaptability in the face of institutional stress caused by climate change and technological advancements.


Ethics and AI [00:33:49]

The conversation circles back to ethics and values, with a focus on the need for global regulation on AI and the importance of ethical frameworks for the ethical operation of artificial intelligence.


Man plus Machine [00:36:16]

The impact of AI on businesses, the need for technical skills, and the importance of adaptability.


Sci-Fi Writing [00:38:46]

Brett King talks about his unpublished sci-fi book and his current project, a 10-part TV series called The Interventionists.


Favourite Sci-Fi Writers [00:43:13]

Brett King shares his favourite sci-fi writers, including Arthur C. Clark, Kevin J. Anderson, David Brynn, and Kim Stanley Robinson.


Reflect on your personal values [00:45:09]

Zoë and Brett encourage listeners to reflect on their personal values and ethics to make positive choices in the future around artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Explore automation and AI in your industry [00:46:05]

Tips to see what opportunities are available to take advantage of AI or research further.