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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

May 2, 2023

Has our pursuit of professionalism usurped our innate social abilities to work collectively and creatively for the greater good?  Samantha Slade, author, social designer and cultural anthropologist, believes so and is working with organisations and teams to help them rebalance their leadership paradigms and flatten their hierarchies. While this is not a ‘perfect or easy journey’, Sam taps into what she sees as our core human instincts of care and togetherness that have been smothered by corporate structures. Making her work both hopeful and insightful is the way it braids the three strands of past, present and future paradigms  into a new way of leading, teaming and performing. 


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Key moments

3:13  An amazing origin story - revolution and kidnapping!

10:10  Deep change is required to get horizontal

12:20  Our innate abilities - we know how to be together

14:00  Straddling two leadership paradigms

16:10  Join us in Amplifiers Academy

18:00  Non-hierarchical gains

19:50  Understanding leadership status

23:00  Equity and fairness - from meetings to money

28:00  The compensation conversation

29:20  Fairness is not equal

32:10  Individual versus collective focus

33:40  Unpacking the power dynamic

36:50  Consent-based decision making

38:20  How to enable a paradigm shift

42:00  Why go horizontal?

45:10  Where to start

48:10  Zoe’s wrap up