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Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast

Feb 13, 2022

A leadership mindset where spirituality meets practicality

As a corporate executive in a cut-throat environment managing big teams and even bigger budgets, Amy Lynn Durham knew something had to change. With tiny adjustments and brave experimentation she took her team on a journey to build connection through emotional and spiritual intelligence. The process built bonds and the business, and was the catalyst for Amy’s Create Magic At Work coaching practice and book. From crystals and journaling to setting the past on fire, Amy’s radically different approach gets to the heart and soul of great team cultures.

Why you should listen: Connection expands leadership perspective

  • Use your leadership strengths to bring lightness to deep work
  • People crave deeper insights and connection: help them get it at work
  • Advanced emotional intelligence begins with reflection

We explore a calm and healing leadership presence

  • Why a connected team frees up leadership headspace
  • Journaling as a team development strategy
  • Let the humanity in and the leadership ego out

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About Amy Lynn Durham: Amy Lynn Durham is the CEO of "Create Magic At Work" and a U.C. Berkeley Certified Executive Coach. She is certified to coach in the 21 skills associated with Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) using the SQ21 Assessment and an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (EQ).

Amy has spent years in the corporate world successfully managing hundreds of employees for private and publicly traded companies. Her company, Create Magic At Work's intention is to offer Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tools to energize and transform the workplace.

As an expert in building positive company cultures, Amy designed Create Magic At Work to bring a variety of services and strategies to aid in cultivating teamwork and harmony in order to improve profits and employee morale through:

In her spare time, you can also find her spending time with her Cavapoo puppy, Mr. Bingley.

Find out more about Create Magic At Work:
and Amy’s Journal Prompt Deck:

Amy’s book recommendations:
The Quantum Leader by Danah Zohar:
The Four-Fold Way  by Angeles Arrien:

Check out Zoë’s interview with Cindy Wigglesworth, author of SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence:


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About your podcast host, Canberra leadership expert Zoë Routh:

Zoë Routh is one of Australia’s leading experts on people stuff - the stuff that gets in our way of producing results, and the stuff that lights us up. She works with the growers, makers, builders to make people stuff fun and practical.

Zoë is the author of four books: Composure - How centered leaders make the biggest impact,  Moments - Leadership when it matters most, Loyalty - Stop unwanted stuff turnover, boost engagement, and build lifelong advocates, and People Stuff - Beyond Personalities: An advanced handbook for leadership. People Stuff was awarded Book of the Year 2020 by the Smart WFM Australian Business Book Awards.

Zoë is also the producer of The Zoë Routh Leadership Podcast.